Visit at a dispensary

It’s in Bungoma county, close to Webuye where we stop to visit a dispensary and to discuss shortly with the doctor. Only a few minutes as she manages everything at her own and the number of patients waiting in front of the building is quite high. “Everyday”, she says, “I do at least 25 to 30 consultations. I do my best to cover the need. But it is difficult, especially when a woman delivers here – in parallel. There is no help and in the night and on Sunday no one is here.”

When I look around I see that she has no computer. “Some basics for visiting patients are missing. I have a small lab, but some basic tools aren’t there. Diabetics testing stripes, for example. They are simply too expensive. Or information material for the patients. This makes my work not easier.”

When we leave the room, outside the crowd of people waiting for the doctor has become bigger. The doctor has to run…

I feel a little guilty that I have taken some minutes away. And not being able to help. Not directly with some supportive tools nor with some basic medication or stripes or … Even those items which have nothing to do with us, with our are portfolio. Without any branding…. and no “hidden agenda”. Due to potential compliance issues it might be difficult even in the future. Because we are not allowed to support directly doctors – not even with a small item – as I’m being part of a huge healthcare company. It’s understandable. It’s right. But here? It’s a pity. Because here it is not about influencing or whatever – it’s just for doing something that matters and that is urgently needed. Sometimes rules and laws make sense. But sometimes it’s difficult to accept and the world stucks in processes , SOPs and rules…

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