Starting the week with two news of hope

1. Children plan and harvest in our MMH garden in Mukuru Slums

We got some nice pictures from the MMH urban farming garden in Mukuru Slums in Nairobi where children actively are involved and learn how to grow plants:

“We engage children in planting as they prepare to go back to school.. we managed to plant eggplant carrots, spinach, cowpeas and onions . Children and teens learn about the importance of protecting the environment and the role that agriculture plays in maintaining a sustainable ecosystem. It also improves mental health: by spending time in nature and engaging in gardening activities they feel less stressed, talk to each other and forget about their daily anxieties,” said our local NGO partner from VICCO.

2. Our training hall in Webuye, Kenya is under development

In November 2020, we opened the first parts of the Making More Health – GAASP center in Webuye, Kenya. Today, more than 400 people visit, stay, get trained and work at the center, mainly marginalized people from Kenyan families (people with albinism and their families). In 2022, the MMH guesthouses followed with a nice canteen and several meeting spaces. Quite a good number of Leadership weeks and local meetings have taken place there. The African eco village, a nice place outside, where to meet during daytime, but also in the evenings opened in 2022, too. Now the last bit is under construction: a huge training hall with some special effects, such as some walls made with bottles. We hope that by end of the year it can be used… the guesthouses and meeting places are used by international guests, private people and local organizations, including conferences and meetings from the local government.

The Guesthouses and training center helps our Making More Health center to become financially sustainable.

Isn’t that great?

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