Our MMH school is growing

Three years back we have constructed new school buildings for 700 children living in poor families around Webuye. They had visited a semi governmental school with very poor and also dangerous classrooms. No windows, no doors, bad or no boards and too less desks and chairs. Rain has been a huge challenge – because of the roofs and because children could not study outside under the trees… many students did not come regularly to school.

The old school building

In the meantime many things have changed

With the opening of the new school not just the buildings and infrastructure, but also the quality of teaching has changed. The teachers are receiving now regularly stipends and have participated in various training sessions. There is pride and hope and huge willingness to develop further around. We introduced also digital devices and digital knowledge to the teachers – this gives them a total different opportunities to prepare the lessons.

The MMH Kibisi school

The students come now regularly to the lessons. There are clean toilets for boys and girls. The parents are actively supporting the development of the children and teachers and engage in several activities.

Additional buildings from the local government

The local government had also added new classrooms and now also an ECD building for the young children. This is another big step!

The school is now among the best governmental schools in Bungoma county. We are happy that with the first buildings and training sessions also governmental investments helped to make a big difference.

Still, there are some “gaps”

There is still the kitchen that needs to be built in a good way. At the moment it is just an old huge shelter, full of smoke where the meals for the children are prepared on wooden fire. There is one meal per child per day ( many have no further meals at home) … and it would be important also to have a safe and inspiring playground.

The time will come… !


Also our early childhood development program introduced by one of our Making More Health fellows (two years ago) has been highly accepted and supported, also by the local government in Uasin Gishu and Bungoma county. Now also here the next steps are planned and will include also trainings for teachers. More will come soon…

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