“What I have seen in Nairobi only in former times, has reached our farmers now” – Impressions from our farmers visit in Tongaren, Kenya

Together with a film team we visited recently our SCN partner organisation Core Heath and Wealth (CHW) in Tongaren, a very remote and rural area in Bungoma county. Organic farming fields which serve local, but also farmers from other locations and neighbor countries to learn about different farming solutions, a solar driven solar water system, income generation activities run by women, the CHW farmer choir, the parent center and one of our most recently trainings for boda boda drivers are reflecting what is happening on-site.

“What I have seen earlier in Nairobi only, we are now doing here. Our farmer families are happy now. Hope is back. We feel again as human beings who are able to do so many things and to grow,” explains the board member of the Kibstar cooperative when we talk to the farmers. “If you have knowledge, you are rich. And through our NGO CHW and the systemic approach we are getting a lot of it.”

Filming an ongoing farming training

One highlight is for sure the boda boda training. Boda boda drivers are those who guarantee the mobility in that area. Bumpy roads do not allow easily to move from A to B. That’s why most of the farmers use these “motorcycle taxis.” However, they are not safe. We realized that up to 70 % o of the driver got never through a license and safety training. Hundred drivers are trained now by our local partner and in collaboration with an officially authorized driver school. Those trainings go even beyond the driving and safety measurements. The participants learn also about basic health and hygiene and mental well-being. Some of them are starting to join also basic business skills trainings, learn about organic farming trainings which take place and take part in cultural activities.

That’s not happening by chance. We had the pleasure to listen to the CHW choir – it is a big pleasure to listen to them:

About 30 farmers have joined the choir and train up to three times a week. They have big ambitions…

You want to listen?

Our film team prepares a documentary about the asking More Health Community activity in Kenya and India. It will still take some months before this film will be ready. In March, we will take the film team to Kenya.

For sure, we will share this film with you to give an overview on what is possible to do and what kind of impact making is possible based on systemic approaches.

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