There was really nothing in 2019?

Production of bags, school uniforms and bracelets ensure income to our people with albinism community.

“Wasn’t there really nothing in 2019?”, I was asked several times during the first Leadership week day by my colleagues when we visited our Making More Health center in Webuye which is at a 5 minute distance from our MMH guesthouses.

Indeed in 2019, we have just started our first projects together with our two first local NGO partners (GAASPP, our local NGO partner organisation in Webuye was founded also in 2019), selected the regions where to start from and decided that there should be a center for people with albinism in Webuye…

Many community members were so excited to receive our managers at the center and some people with albinism had presented about their activities standing with dignity in front of the international audience.

Our welcome cocktail party in the morning

Now, three years later, we are proud of our very frequented Making More Health GAASPP center, our several affiliate offices in Siaya county (Bondo) and all the impact that the different activities and sessions had and have continuously to thousands of families. More than nine social entrepreneurs have been involved as train the trainers and more than 50 employees have engaged in various online training sessions for the community.

How our week started

In the morning we have introduced the week together with our local volunteers and then walked to our center where our community members and volunteers proudly have presented the production and arts rooms, the Artemisia farming and tree garden, the MMH agrovet and supermarket, the meeting and training halls, income generating activities such as the black soldiers flies breeding, the animals and consultation offices…

The outer part of the center faces to the main rural road. In the different MMH shops the products from the center are sold.
In front if the MMH offices and consultancy rooms
In one of the training halls

Our participants of the week have brought some materials for adults and children and one of our colleagues handed over a first part of these materials to the volunteers of the Making More health center 1. As a small thank you for the sharing and tour in our center.

A box full of materials which our managers had collected before coming to Kenya – and a thank you to the local volunteers.

Today – our second day – we will visit the MMH school. There is still a lot to discover this week…

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