Frugal farming and engagement for children in Nairobi‘s slums

Visiting the children groups in Nairobi’s slum

I’m back in Kenya for the next three weeks meeting with social organizations, social enterprises and also a huge conference and our Leadership weeks – in several locations across the country.

Farming in the middle of the slum – using waste materials as containers – old TV containers, cut jeans, bottles fir disruptive irrigation systems

Today, let me share some impressions and two videos from my visit to the Nairobi’s slum Mukuru.
The social organization VICCO works there with children and single mothers and with the support of the Making More Health Initiative has laid out a garden in the middle of the slums, built with old objects: old TV boxes, tyres, cut jeans. The vegetables are sold cheaply to the neighbors and thus enable a somewhat healthier diet. Families in the slums often only have food made from flour, oil and sugar – if at all.

Every Saturday there is a cooking lesson with and for the children, organized by VICCO. The children like it a lot. They come frequently, assist, learn about healthier diets and also enjoy. In a small room out there is also a place where to sit together, play , discuss and learn. For most of the children there is no other cosy and safe place to go.

Interested in learning more? Then watch these two videos:

1. an interview with the cooking teacher

2. understand the principles of slum farming

I privately support the VICCO children’s groups with one porridge meal a day. But we need more help. If you are interested in learning more, just get in touch.

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