Farmer women in our project area in Bungoma county- on the way to change their life for better

Together, with our local NGO partner Core Health and Wealth (CHW) Family, in the past year we had started to run health and hygiene training sessions, but also trained income generating skills.

“The women are learning new agricultural practices to improve the health of their households and also to address food security. The women are also saving together to improve their economic wellness. A lot has changed,” says Vera from CHW family.

Saving activities among the farmer women in our project areas

We are working with several thousands of farmers and farmer women in 12 cooperatives in Bungoma county. The farmer women now dedicate a lot of their time to learn more and produce items that mean additional income to them. This income and knowledge help the families to get enough food, to pay school fees and to be able to have a better hygiene in their households.

Carpet making at its finest. It’s also about teaching high quality.

“When the women are not working on the field and in their houses, they come together and learn in our sessions about new agricultural practices to improve the health of their households and also to address food security,” adds Vera.

They have opened even their own production sites and shops.

A very special activity we are very proud of, is the parent training. Our Making More Health fellow Esther Harsyani comes regularly to Kenya and together with Vera she is teaching and developing a program for Kenyan mothers and fathers on how to create a better environment for children. There is a a daily program for all children in Mbakalo ward for children from 0-6 years. It helps the parents also to check the development of the children.

Playful education and relationship building among parents and children

The interest by the farmer women, but also men is huge.

And that’s also what is important. Because supporting women means also to develop programs for men. Helping the whole families to take better care – for themselves, their families and their environment!

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