When the benefit is visible, scaling up becomes natural

Two years ago our activities with Health and hygiene training sessions, social economic development, infrastructural investments and general educational support in Kenya have started. One of our local core partners GAASP has now opened a first affiliated office, 400 km away from Webuye, Kenya where our first Making More Health house receives today nearly 300 people every day.

Affiliate GAASPP office in Bondo, Siaya county

“In the past months we realized that people with albinism and also other people living at the poverty line have come from far away to our GAASP Making More Health house. They are interested in our consultation offers around albinism, but also in many of our training sessions, such as hygiene awareness, poultry growth, Artemisia planting and soap making.

Our trained volunteers, all in all 36 people now, mostly people with albinism themselves or family members of people with albinism who were trained over the past two years are those now who teach to others. Their role in society has changed completely. From victims to teachers, from excluded people in society to people who now are considered role models. Some of the volunteers are now traveling regularly to Bondo in Siaya county to bring local volunteers on speed,” says Chrisantus, our local NGO look easer from by GAASPP (Golden aging and albinism support program project)

Seeing the interest in all these topics is amazing. It’s not just one topic, but the whole approach and holistic training support that makes a difference. And it’s more a site event, but an important one: Our people with albinism are now not even seen any more as different. They have become normal members in the society – or let’s even say: they are different, but “positively” different now because of the level of knowledge and empathy they show towards others.

We hope that this will be just a starting of many more scale ups!

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