Admission of our children for albinism – a happy day!

Our children with albinism are admitted at school – and warmly welcomed

A few days back, the children of our communities in Bungoma County, Western Kenya have started school. Among them also our children with albinism were warmly welcomed.

In the past two years we have raised a lot of awareness on the situation of these children, who very often suffered because of superstition and misunderstanding. This included als the fact that they had many issues at schools, teachers did not know enough about the conditions (as e.g. the eye issues) and therefore could not care enough about them. Parents of children with albinism tended to hide the children and school education for these children was rather low.

Also the economic situation of these parents were often not favorable to pay the school fees.

With a large and ongoing awareness program in close collaboration with our local NGO partner GAASPP we have reached more than 250 families in the closer surroundings and could spread the knowledge in 5 neighbor counties. We are running a lot of information campaigns in schools, with teachers and students, but also the neighborhoods so that nowadays the knowledge about albinism has grown significantly. This helps the people and children with albinism (PwA) to protect themselves, but also to start a different social life – much more accepted and welcome in the communities around them. Income generating activities and many different training sessions on health, but also business and hygiene helped people with albinism to have some more income and to be respected.

Now going to school becomes a normality also for children with albinism

“Our children and PwA after having been admitted in school have been received by the bishop. The teachers of the schools where these children are admitted are sensitized on Albinism. They make sure that these children should sit in front and need bigger writings. They also support them to be protected from the sun. And make sure that these children are as well included as the other children.”

Explaining about hygiene

During the admission ceremony the parents of the children with albinism trained also school community members on issues of hygiene and sanitation, on how to make soap and to improve household’s hygiene.

It’s a win for everyone.

Soap production lesson

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