Digitalization is key and a huge benefit for our school in rural Kenya

Teachers at the Kibisi Making More Health school in Western Kenya

This week, our MMH school teachers received digital gadgets, 5 tablets and a projector. They were very happy and are ready to learn more.

“Now even the pupils will have an opportunity to watch videos that are related to what we teach as per the curriculum”, they said.

Handing over digital devices

Soon training session will start

In a few weeks, module-based sessions on various digital topics and on the right usage of the devices will start. The teachers group will take part in it so that they will be prepared to teach digital skills also to the more than 700 students at the school.

Together with community members from our Making More Health centers in Eldoret, Webuye and Mbakalo area they will participate in virtual training sessions to learn about the device and it’s functionalities, on how to use the Internet and Internet risks, how to work with pictures and videos, how to handle apps. Also social media topics will be on the agenda.

This knowledge and access will for sure be an important step for empowering themselves.

The training sessions will be held by employees experienced in digital skills. Under the umbrellas of the Making More Health initiative they volunteer and have already started to develop good training materials.

A win for everyone

However, it will be much more than just teaching about digital skills: it will be also a huge cultural learning on both sites, a learning about building trust and empathy, about understanding each other and about daily challenges and values that we might not have even thought of before. For sure a rich experience!

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