Inauguration of the 2nd MMH Center in Western Kenya

Impressions – inauguration 2nd MMH center in Langas slum, Kenya

At the beginning of October 2022, we inaugurated our 2nd Making More Health House in Western Kenya, this time in Eldoret in the Langas slum. The inauguration started with a procession throughout the slum, with a lot of singing and dancing.

The procession starts

At the MMH Solasa center some women gave us a nice first welcome, followed by many representations , dances and theatre plays by the women and girls who are trained by Solasa

Also the county assembly representative and the governmental health workers of Langas slums joined and welcomed all MMH partners and people with albinism who had come for a visit from our first MMH GAASPP house in Webuye. Elisabeth, who leads the Solasa NGO and the new MMH house, gave a very nice and encouraging speech followed by speeches of the local authorities and myself as MMH representative.

The inauguration itself was a very emotional moment

Then came the highlight of the day: When Elizabeth and myself had cut the inauguration banner, she and all teachers of Solasa organized a tour inside the building. A solid 2 level building with rooms for social workers, training sessions, smaller and bigger meeting rooms, storage, kitchen and restrooms. A nice reception at the entry and a food peeve of Land around. Outside, the team demonstrated also a very nice kitchen garten and the children garten. In the future some small buildings will be added.

A final dance with the teachers made this day a perfect one.

Teachers‘ dance

Just a few remarks

This house was completely sponsored by donations from colleagues from Boehringer Ingelheim as well as some private donations. Many thanks to everyone who made this possible !!!

There is still a lot to do and a few more donations could help a lot.

We have no shelves and little furniture, some missing ceilings on the upper floor still have to be attached, the toilets still have to be tiled and there is a lack of kitchen tools and materials for the teachers, but the house is there and the many training courses for girls and women can now be done here. We are all looking forward to it.

If you want to donate for kitchen tools, finishing of furnishing and ceilings, just contact. The donations can be deducted from taxes. (In Germany)

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