A very simple day care center in the slums makes a huge difference

A day care center in Mukuru
slums, Nairobi under construction

In the projects in Nairobi, in the Mukuru slum area where I engage on a private level we need urgently food for children.

Food and care are provided by VICCO, a local NGO that is doing a lot to help these children.

With the last donations (we were able to collect 690 EUR) 80 children got regularly porridge, beans, rice, vegetable. And soap and vessels to build more hygiene hubs.

VICCO has organized regular sessions where the children learn, play and have some good hours together with playing, reading and drawing.

Now we need again money for food – and for a day care center in the middle of the slums.

There are so many young woman in the slums with young babies and small children. They can’t go with their kids to look for a day job, but without job there is no food. Vicco has decided to build a very simple day care room in the middle of the slums. There is no money for stones or a better building. However, it is better to offer these children a shelter and some care than leaving them alone without food and any support.

We will set it up step by step while trying to feed them at least with a cup of porridge and some rice and beans.

If you are able to help: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8pKpKiCiP0

Thank you! We will keep you informed.

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