Do you think your house is not good enough? Well, think twice!

The perception of a nice house might be different. What really counts is happiness!

My house is not big enough, my house faces only a small terrace, my house needs definitely a fitness room and sauna, my house needs to be perfect… People in the “rich” world are often unhappy and dream of better, bigger, individual luxury. Are they happy? Difficult to say. It seems that the level of happiness is rather low . It seems there is never enough.

A total different viewWhat a joy for this family!

Today I got some news from our community of people with albinism in Webuye. The lady who had no home at all for her 3 children and herself when I met her two years ago has got today her own house. She has lived many years in a hut without being able to close a door, no windows, a roof that was difficult to find a dry place below, fearing that the day after she would have to leave even this place. She was excluded from everything being a woman with albinism. She lived from less than 1 EUR the day, often she has had not even enough to eat. No dignity, no hope, no support.

“My home is my castle”

“In my lifetime I had never imagined owning a home, but now I have a home,and now I will do my projects and now my children have a home.Thanks to all who have done this to me,” she says.

Her children are extremely happy for this house. Our local NGO partner advocated for her and she was given land by the family which had neglected her: ”With this rain season she will be able now to farm vegetables and food stuffs for her family. Mudding of the house will be done by our other family members who have children with Albinism or are living with Albinism.

I’m just sitting at home while reading the news from Kenya. And I recognise I’m smiling. I’m happy. Happy about her new house and of having been able to help her. I’m happy about my house on how it is. There is no need to make it bigger, smarter, no need for any sauna or similar knick-knack any more. Maybe tomorrow some of these Western thoughts might come back. It’s ok. But I’m sure that I will rather decide to spend my money differently.

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