Design and arts by a woman on the verge of poverty

A table, unusual design – unusual materials

She is definitely creative. She is very talented. She has very sophisticated and interesting ideas, and knows as well how to put it in practice with the right manual skills. While using materials that are there. She has no means to buy expensive materials.

No one really taught her how to do. She has never studied. Her education level is not very high. She lives at Lake Victoria. She comes from a financially very poor family background.

Disruptive ideas on how to create her products

Helping people is her second passion

She volunteers for one of our NGO partners. She is doing great. When she is not creating, she helps fishing women who are often HIV positive and struggling with life to find some hope. Hope for a better life, a life with more dignity. A meaning in life. She is a great example, although she does not know.

Garden furniture

Her biggest dream?

Learning more about design, techniques, arts. Getting in contact with people who share the same passion and who could help her to grow. Finding people who would give her some ideas to market and how to set up a small Business.

The eye-catching design piece for home

In her dreams, some people would come and buy her products, just enough to help her family and some fishing women around to survive. A life with a little bit more of food, health and wealth. And dignity. For women and families around. And for her so that she could create even more of what is close to her heart.

Diverse colors – diverse life set ups

In the poor surrounding where she is living it will be nearly impossible to start off.

Only, if… well, only if someone who can helps her. Maybe you are the one?

The furniture collections

Interested in products from Kenya? Products that help women close to the poverty line and are produced in a fair way? Products you will like? If you want to support, have a look at – the online shop that sells products from local women organized in Selfhelp groups. Fair & Care.

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