Solasa and Making More Health reach out to elderly in the slums

Our local partner Solasa NGO is located in the 2nd biggest slum in Kenya, called Langas in Eldoret.

Together, we have engaged a lot to help the most needy people during the last weeks when Covid 19 has led to a complete lockdown even in the slums.

In the past we have been working together to raise more awareness on health issues, ran „kick out diabetes campaigns“ while organizing diabetes awareness with girls during soccer competitions and helped to tackle some basic needs in the Solasa day care center for children and women.

Now in the crisis the need for help is even bigger.

The elderly often raise the young children. In the crises they suffer from hunger, depression and bad health.

Together, we could help a lot with food, care and mental support. Elizabeth and her team reached out to more than 200 families. Especially, the elderly had no possibilities to help themselves. Due to the lockdown they could not even check their health or get what is urgently needed. The depression and mental health status of the people in the slums, especially the elderly, is very bad.

Today, the support by Solasa in close collaboration with Making More Health was in the News. Just watch yourself.

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