The 1st edition of the Albinism magazine is live and Making More Health is part of it!

Cover page of the 1st Albinism and I magazine. We from Making More Health are happy to be part of it.

As Our Positive Exposure-Kenya partner and Family shared:
“We would wish to present to you the first ever publication of our digital magazine dubbed ALBINISM & I . The magazine is going to be a product of our broader digital campaign that continues beyond Covid-19 as we change the narratives that surround albinism by owning our stories and eventually heightening awareness on albinism.
The stories published were submitted by the individuals featured. We shall be publishing every six months . This being the June issue next one will be the December 2020 issue.Thanks to everyone who has honored our readers with their stories.”

There is also a story from our Making More Health activities and Kenya included. Enjoy!


Here you find all stories and can download the Albinism &I magazine for free.

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