When people in need empower each other and share learnings – that’s what we call impact!

Soap making training

“We visited Positive Exposure today, donated masks. The masks will be shared to Jane’s team.

We also held a training session taking her through the process of making Liquid Soap. She was exited as, just like the women and youths from Mukuru Slums, who have already benefited with this training,

And are now earning a living from the business of selling of this liquid soap, Jane’s beneficiaries shall also be trained through this collaboration.

They will have liquid soap for general home use including hand washing and also have more to sell to earn their next bread.
We had an amazing time.
You can believe that this soap, sanitizer and masks have been really been important tool to fight Covid19, Health hygiene and even more a unifying factor.

From the feedbacks each time we have a session like yesterdays’ as Jane’s office, at the slum household and at the clinics in the slum.

People are shocked how simple yet less expensive to make soap and sanitizer is.

Also realizing its a business opportunity, too for them to earn a living, and its market is far and wide. And its among the fastest moving commodity at the moment.

The smiles, joy and excitement is indeed humbling and overwhelming.

Each morning,
The door knocks I get from my people from all corners of the slum, most carrying a small container is just humbling.

I’m happy to see how collaborative efforts can go far and uplift many people.”

That’s what Francis, leading the Mukuru Aganza film academy, a NGO to empower youth in the Mukuru slums in Nairobi has informed us about.

He initiated together with the winners of our youth hackathon, students from Nairobi a hygiene program in Mukuru slums. In the meanwhile, the students have founded their own NGO and collaborate closely with Francis.

Besides giving trainings to slum habitants they shared now some useful and income generating knowledge with our second NGO partner in Nairobi, Jane’s Positive Exposure. Jane runs a lot of projects for people with albinism.

And originally, the soap making was developed and practiced first in our project area in Webuye, West Kenya, from where the knowledge was shared with Francis…

Under the umbrella of the Making More Health Initiative (MMH) we have started to work with them all several months ago, supporting them individually. It’s great to see that they are connected and able to empower themselves, grow the knowledge and benefit from each other and together.

Creating Impact is more than trainings and knowledge sharing, it’s not about numbers of participants in our MMH trainings or the frequency of participation – there might be several reasons why people join regularly information sessions and it’s not always the content of the trainings itself, especially in poor surroundings.

Impact starts when people start to OWN topics, to push the topics actively, INVOLVE others and create WIN-WINS. Based on their own motivations while contributing to a better tomorrow.

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