Listen to Voices from the slums in Eldoret

The Solasa team helps to distribute food and raise awareness on hygiene and virus protection

In the past months, together with our local NGO partner SOLASA we from Making More Health have supported people living in the slums of Langas in Eldoret, Kenya. The COVID crises and lockdown has taken away a lot of informal jobs and has led to a high uncertainty among the population. People stay without any income.

Many families suffer

Food, healthcare and hope is what people need now. That’s why we care. Short- and longterm- wise. By distributing food and raising awareness for more health.

That’s what people say

Video: Have a look on what is happening

We are building also a health and women/child care center in the slums.

Stay tuned. In the next days we will share also a more detailed video on our healthcare center construction.

Many thanks to all the employees and friends who support us. You can support, too – here in Eldoret and our rural communities in Webuye – at

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