Join our international albinism day activities – because your support counts!

On 13 June is the international albinism day. Together, with our local NGO partners Positive Exposure Kenya and Golden Age Albinism Support Program (GAASP) we have started 2 years ago to support people with albinism in Kenya. With health trainings, but also supporting them to grow with income and general knowledge. And awareness campaigns in schools and on the web. People with albinism often live close to the poverty line, are marginalized and often are victims of violence and superstition.

Join our webinar on 13 June! You will find more information and dial in opportunities here:

We look for co- creation opportunities with organisations and companies to help us to to empower people with albinism

Under the umbrella of Making More Health we take care about 85 families with people with albinism in Webuye, Westkenya. And do a lot of awareness activities locally and in collaboration with Positive Exposure. But that is not enough.

There is a much bigger need all over East Africa and beyond. Sustainable empowerment is more than just health trainings or some events. People need more health, wealth, education and infrastructure We will not be able to tackle it alone.

That’s why we look for partner organizations, other companies who can help, too.

We have done and prepared a lot of material for the international albinism day – to raise awareness and to get your attention!

Just listen to Fauzia and join us on 13 June!


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