The winners of our Making More Health venture4change challenge in Nairobi scale up and apply at United Nations contest

It started a year back when we launched the first Venture4change challenge and asked students in a 6 months challenge to develop and implement an idea on how to bring more hygiene into the slums. during the course the students learned about social entrepreneurial approaches and met successful social enterprises, but also left the classroom and experienced the Mukuru slum and it’s hygiene challenges. The task became obvious: find a solution that is corresponding to the mentality and the daily life in the slum, a solution that is pragmatic and accepted by the people. And not expensive.

Alive 365 developed a hygiene game for schools in the slums. They demonstrated that they were able to work with the children and teachers. And that their game could make a difference.

„It is not the pitch that makes the winner, not the good presentation on stage, but the success of the implementation and acceptance by the people your idea has been developed for. This was always our motto!“ the students were told by the Making More Health team.

“We are proud that the winners did not stop their efforts after winning our challenge,“ says Manuela Pastore, leading the Making More Health Initiative. “They founded a social enterprise a few days later and continued to work on their hygiene idea. They implemented the hygiene game and practices in 15 schools. That is was makes the difference!“

Since November last year they have run several activities in the slums of Nairobi and worked with schools in the slums.

Now they apply for the Unite Ideas contest by United Nations

Samwel Wafula, leading Alive365 and his team explain: “Usafi na Bao is a product of ALIVE365 which is a social enterprise that seeks to revolutionize Hygiene Education through edutainment. Usafi na Bao is a unique product that uses well-intergratted Infographics which have both positive and Negative Hygiene practices. It uses the reinforcement aspect of Psychology where there is a rewarding of a positive Hygiene practice and Punishment of negative Hygiene practice. It uses a learn and practice approach and it also fun and interactive to the Users.”

Have a look also at the video.

The hygiene game played with children at schools

We cross the fingers for Alive 365! Keep doing your great work. Hygiene is key – today and in the future!

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