In these times giving a little bit of safety to the elderly makes a huge difference – thanks to my colleagues!

In crises times the most vulnerable human beings often suffer even more than others. So do also the elderly in our project area in Kenya. No one has thought to inform them, to give them specific device and care on how to protect themselves from Covid-19!

That’s why it is important to involve them in what is happening at the moment, to inform them well and to provide them with the necessary soap and hygiene tools. This is making more health happen, this is inclusion – at a very pragmatic, but effective level!

“I’m telling you these families really appreciate our support as so far nobody had thought of them and they were wondering what hell Covid-19 would do to them,“ told me our local NGO partner today.

He, together with the informal health workers from the community of people with albinism, managed to make aged people experience on how to wash hands in the right way. They provided access to hand washing equipments which will greatly improve their health and help in preventing of the Covid-19.

“Some had no information about this disease. They simply did not understand what is happening. We explained that it is very important to avoid crowds, to maintain hygiene and to repeat frequently handwashing. It’s just a miracle for them as they said, now we know better on how to protect ourselves and people from towns won’t infect us.“

We here from the MMH team in Germany want to thank all our employees who in the past weeks even donated privately for our projects. At the moment this money helps a lot to buy the basic raw materials to produce app and disinfection for our friends on Kenya! Today we could sent additional donation money for the elderly. Thank you! With this money ca 50 elderly and their families can receive enough soap and water vessel for handwashing.

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