Young mothers with children with albinism empower themselves and upcycle – connecting the dots

Last week I visited Jane again in Nairobi. Jane has founded “Positive Exposure Kenya”, a NGO that cares about people with albinism (PwA) and inclusion. I visited her together with my Social worker from Western Kenya who also engages a lot for PwAs in Webuye. Together, we try to make the impact bigger, to build more communities of PwAs all over Kenya, to link them and to support to develop for a better future.

“Now, we have started here in Nairobi also some vocational skill trainings for mothers of PwAs. Today they sit in my kitchen and it’s the second lesson on knitting ongoing. They want to talk to you once we have finished our meeting,” tells me Jane.

So, later on we go and see them. Young women who sit together around the table, and while learning and producing their first products, they have a lot of fun, too. Proudly, they show me what they are working on. A vocational trainer shows them on how to knit. The have bought old woolen cloth items and upcycle them while using the wool again.

Their idea is to produce some fancy scarfs, ponchos etc., mixed African Western style.

We discuss some disruptive ways of distribution channels, of developing different styles, where to get ideas from.

I’m impressed. Impressed about their engagement, their way on how they collaborate and about their open mindsets.

It will still take some days before they can start selling. But the next time when I come back – who knows – they will be much more advanced.

All the best to these mothers!

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