Yes, we can make more health happen – and more hope for people with albinism

Thanks to all our colleagues at Boehringer Ingelheim!!! With a Making More Health donation of our employees we can make the next steps happen! Directly, short term and with a huge impact for some people with albinism in need!

The first big step for people with albinism is ongoing

What has happened? Already two weeks after our MMH leadership week and some local information exchanges in Webuye, Western Kenya and our Website Launch for people with albinism in Nairobi the first structured meetings in Webuye for and with people with albinism (PwA) have started. For a single mother with albinism and her three children who suffered a lot in the past a decent two room home is organized.

The rent for the next months is paid – now it’s time to set up some small income generation activity – for her and the family so that they can start to create some income and to become more self sustainable – step by step: Some chicken to help short- term, a lot of trainings on health and income generation skills mid- term wise.

But that’s not all

Yesterday, our local partner from Ampath has organized also a clean up day for the albinism community and mounted a tippy tap.

“… We helped a single parent with 6 kid’s all in school. But all leading a miserable life and in a home that was in a bush. We cleaned the compound and mounted the tippy tap. And now this father is ready to make hat’s using local materials for sale, explains Chris, our social worker on the ground.

“We started to identify also within the community some people who are good in making bead’s and hand bags. We discussed and she agreed to mentor other Albino’s and make a good company to produce more crafts and beads for sale.”

Hope is coming back

Besides these first concrete steps one thing is obvious: hope is coming back. Hope to have a better life in the future.

If we all help a little, this will also become true. Let’s go for it. And thanks again to all my colleagues for supporting Making More Health!

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