Meeting the governor and looking at things from different perspectives

Today we had a big honor. Our Making More Health leadership team, more than 20 managers from different functions and countries who are participating actually in our MMH Insights week were invited by H. E., the governor of Bungoma county in Kenya, to a meeting. In Bungoma county, besides having started a screening program on NCDs where already more than 50 000 people participated, we have initiated also projects that goes much beyond the traditional understanding of health – in close collaboration with Ampath to cover needs in a more holistic but also tangible and impactful way for people’s life: eg building a school, starting awareness programs on albinism and a soap production workshop for Selfhelp groups will take place soon. We have developed materials on safety topics for children and teachers at school while involving local stakeholders in the process of content creation.

Because working together WITH the people instead of FOR the people is key.

Thanks for a real outstanding talk today!

Bungoma county is in the Western part of the country. The economy of Bungoma County is mainly agricultural, centering on the sugarcane and maize industries.

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