Small surprises can have a huge effect

Francis Gikufu, a young social entrepreneur, is very active in training young people in the slums on many health topics, self- awareness and self-confidence. He has set up the Mukuru Angaza Film Academy where the youth wants to give positive examples of life and share it with others. Because positive attitude and examples are encouraging and make them envision how a good future can look.

Since we are in contact and I visited the young people in the Mukuru slums in Nairobi we have started to collaborate and first plans on how to enhance together his activities are under development.

“It would be good to get some small items which we could use to encourage the young people when they engage and participate in our programs,” he told me. That’s why we have sent some shirts, pens, notebooks and some interesting materials.

Francis has sent some photos after receiving the materials. And proudly he explains: “These materials help a lot. We can give some small recognitions to our young people. They love it. And we as a team have now also some nice shirts so that everyone recognizes us and our work.”

There is still a long way to go and – of course – these materials are just a starting point – for a hopefully long journey to make much more health happen together. Based on the needs and wants of the young people living in circumstances that we here living in the “rich” world cannot even imagine. With our global Making More Health Initiative focusing to support social entrepreneurs and making mir health happen we are very happy to be able to contribute.

Francis needs a lot of support if you can help with donations, please feel free to contact.

More background information:

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